Grooming services



A professional treatment is something you can guarantee you pet will receive while with us. We offer all the options for coat removal;

  • Hand stripping
  • Clipping
  • Scissoring
  • De-shedding.



Every grooming appointment is a full groom (unless arranged otherwise) which includes;

  •     Nails

    Nails should be trimmed regularly, as the quick will naturally start to recede.

  •     Bath and breed specific drying

Shampoo is selected specifically for the breed, coat and skin type that the dog has, and then dried with a heated dryer into the correct style for the breed.

  •     Ear plucking and cleaned (if requested)

Hair from inside the ear can be removed on request, and all ears will be wiped with a natural cleaning wipe unless asked otherwise.

  •     Anal Glands (if requested)

Anal glands should be expressed naturally while dogs defecate, however this is not always the case due to various reasons and if this is the situation, we can do this on request.

  •     General health check

As a general rule, most pet dogs won’t regularly be felt all over to check for lumps and bumps, while at the salon we feel the dogs all over and will make you aware of anything we may be conserved over or think you may not know about.



We welcome all breeds and temperaments.

Every dog has an individual price based on their style, coat type, and behaviour.


We are located at:

Lamport Manor,

(Drive to the rear of the farm and we're on the left opposite the horse yard)

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us;

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